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Modified Van insurance

Modified van insurance

We might think of vans as work and utility vehicles only but lots of drivers choose vans rather than cars for their everyday runaround.

But vans often go beyond everyday vehicles and like with cars and motorbikes, there are dedicated van enthusiasts who take great pride in their Light Commercial Vehicles.

What is Modified Van insurance?

New spoilers, new paintjobs, modifications to seating in the rear and new alloys, whatever the change, modifications can improve your van’s performance and can increase your insurance premium.

So Modified van insurance is essentially cover that takes modifications and alterations you or others have made to your van into account, tweaking the cost of your premium accordingly.

Do Modifications increase your insurance costs?

Modifications to any vehicle, whether it’s a car, van or motorbike, will usually result in a more expensive insurance premium.

However that is not always the case with modifications. Low-key changes probably won’t bump up your van insurance premium but unfortunately that is not something for you to decide.

That’s why you must inform your insurer of any changes and modifications you make to your van, no matter how small, so they can decide whether the cost of your insurance changes.

Why do Modifications increase insurance costs?

Modifications increase insurance costs because non-security changes generally either improve a vans performance or make it more desirable to thieves.

Get Modified Van insurance with The Van Insurer

The Van Insurer compares Modified van insurance quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance providers.

That means you get to choose your insurance policy from a wide range of quotes because we do the shopping around for you.

And if you don’t want to fill in an online form, you can compare quotes over the phone with The Van Insurer.

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