Courier insurance is a form of commercial or business van insurance that covers you to carry other peoples' goods and property for hire and reward.

Basically it's a form of insurance suitable for anyone who is paid to make deliveries and it covers you, your van and the goods you're transporting.

Is all courier van insurance the same?

There are different types of courier van insurance on the market and you can compare them all through The Van Insurer.

Some courier van insurance policies will cover the goods you are transporting and any damage you cause to other vehicles on the road, but your insurance may not stretch to include damage to your van and personal injury.

Other courier van insurance policies can be more comprehensive and can come with a range of add-ons including a replacement van if yours breaks down, for example.

So as you can see, courier van insurance isn't always straightforward and you should carefully check that your potential van insurance policy provides the right amount of cover you need.

Get courier van insurance with The Van Insurer

If you're a delivery driver you can compare courier van insurance quotes with The Van Insurer.

We compare quotes from some of the UK's leading insurance providers so all you have to do is complete one simple form to see quotes from multiple insurers.

Once you've got your courier van insurance quotes you need to pick the policy that you think suits you best -- we've got all the information to help you decide what type of cover is best for you too.