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Frequently Asked Questions

What is van insurance and do I need it?

Van insurance is a type of insurance that’s designed to protect you financially if something were to happen to your van.

What you’re protected from depends on the level of cover that you choose to purchase and will usually affect your policy price.

It’s illegal to not insure your vehicle so if you drive your van on the road, you need van insurance in place.

The only exceptions to the rule are if you have declared your van as off-road with a statutory off-road notification (SORN), or if it is exempt for another reason.

What type of van insurance do I need?

Van insurance can be complicated as there are so many different types. You can find out which one best suits your needs by looking at what types there are and using a van insurance comparison site to find the best policy for you.

Private van insurance
If you’re only using your van for personal use and it has nothing to do with your business or work, then you’ll need a private van insurance policy – also known as personal van insurance.

That means choosing ‘Social Only’ as your usage type when filling in the quote form because using your van for work at all, even just commuting, means you’ll need business cover.

You can personalise your quote to reflect what kind of cover you’d like but it means that you won’t need any of the additional features associated with a business policy.

Commercial van insurance
There’s no one type of business van insurance, the kind you choose will depend on how you use your van at work.

If you’re a tradesman travelling from job to job, ‘Carriage of own goods’ is most likely the best usage option for you.

A standard commercial van insurance policy will cover you for the basics but it may also be a good idea to get a policy that covers your tools as well.

Courier van insurance
If you’re a delivery driver, you’ll most likely need a courier van insurance policy which means choosing ‘haulage’ or ‘carriage of goods for hire or reward’ as your usage type.

Haulage tends to apply to delivery drivers who travel long distances to deliver one item, such as a truck or lorry driver.

Carriage of goods for hire and reward is suited to parcel and food delivery drivers, or anyone who makes lots of short trips delivering items to different locations.

What impacts the cost of my van insurance?

It is important to compare van insurance in the UK, as it means that you could find a great deal, but even then, the cost can be more than expected.

Knowing what factors impact your van insurance means that you can take steps to help reduce the cost of your premium and find the best budget van insurance for you. It’s important to be completely honest when completing a quote or your insurance could be invalidated.

Type of van
The type of van you have plays a big part when insurers are calculating the cost of your premium.

In general, larger vans are more expensive to insure as they have bigger engines, meaning they’re more powerful and have more potential to cause damage.

If you’ve modified your van in any way that could also increase the cost of your premium because the more unique your van is, the harder it is to replace.

Insurers categorise vans to help them determine premium costs, so if you’re wondering what kind of insurance group your van is in, then take a look at our handy guide to van insurance groups.

Driver experience
Age plays a massive factor when it comes to calculating premiums for most types of motor insurance, as younger people are deemed more at risk due to their lack of driving experience.

Whether you’ve had any previous claims or convictions will also affect the price you pay for van insurance, as a driver who’s already made a claim can be seen as higher risk by insurers.

Equally, if you have a good amount of No Claims Bonus built up, then you can expect that to bring your van insurance premium price down.

Potential risks
Insurance is all about risk and unfortunately, some van drivers are at higher risk than others.

For example, if you transport hazardous cargo for a living then your van insurance premium is likely to be more expensive than a parcel courier’s policy.

Other factors such as where you store your van at night and what kind of security features it has, help insurers to analyse how at risk it is of being stolen or damaged, and how likely it is that a claim will be made.

How do I get cheap van insurance quotes?

Everybody likes to save money, whether it’s on a new TV, the weekly shop, or even your van insurance. 

We’ve put together some simple tips to help you find cheap insurance quotes without having to resort to extreme couponing or moving house. 

1. Compare van insurance
No surprises here but we think comparing as many cheap van insurance quotes as possible is one of the best ways to save money on your premium.

If you buy the first insurance quote you see, you won’t know if you’ve paid more than you needed to or not.

You can use a van insurance comparison site to evaluate quotes from different insurers and choose the most suitable policy.

2. Type of cover
Traditionally, Comprehensive policies were the most expensive because they offer a higher level of cover and there is a higher level of risk involved for insurers. 

However, nowadays Comprehensive policies are often the cheapest on offer (but not always!). This is because people who choose to opt for a policy with a higher level of cover are deemed to be lower risk. 

3. No Claims Bonus (NCB)
Every year you drive your van without making a claim results in a little bit extra discount which, when it comes to getting a quote from your existing or new provider, might help you find budget van insurance in the UK.

4. Excess
It’s long been assumed that increasing your Voluntary Excess will give you cheaper quotes but that’s not always the case.

In fact, as with cover levels, people who opt for a lower Voluntary Excess often receive cheaper quotes because they’re confident in their own unlikeliness to make a claim and may therefore be seen as lower risk.

5. Security and contents
The more secure your van is in the eyes of your insurer, the cheaper it should be to insure.

Most insurers have a list of approved security devices and measures that will help lower your insurance premium if you have them fitted to your van, whether that’s an immobiliser or a tracker. 

6. Trade body
Some insurers offer discounted rates to van owners and drivers who are registered with an approved trade body.

You should check to see which insurer offers discounts to make sure you don’t miss out.

7. Mileage
No prizes for guessing that the further you drive every year, the more your insurance will probably be.

That’s why it’s important to be as accurate as possible when you estimate your annual mileage because if you say you’ll drive 15,000 and only drive 5,000, you’re paying for extra cover you don’t need.

8. Optional extras
When you get van insurance quotes, you will be asked whether you want to add on certain extras. 

Lots of these are very useful, like Breakdown Cover, but they will obviously increase your overall payment so think carefully about whether you really need them. Some insurers will offer add ons as an incentive, so it is important to compare van insurance to see where you can get the best possible coverage and extras for low prices.

9. Payment
You will almost always pay more for your insurance if you pay monthly rather than an annual payment. 

10. Fleet insurance
If your company has more than one van in its fleet, you could potentially save money by taking out fleet insurance rather than multiple single van policies. 

The insurance companies we work with

We’ve got a huge panel of commercial vehicle insurance providers at The Van Insurer and we’re proud of the names on our site. That’s because they specialise in getting van drivers the cover they need to get on the road.

Whether you’re after a private policy or business cover for your delivery work, our comprehensive insurer panel should be able to help you find budget van insurance in the UK that works for you.

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How do I compare van insurance with The Van Insurer?

Comparing cheap van insurance quotes with us is simple, straightforward and takes just a couple of minutes.

We know hunting for insurance is boring so we don’t want to keep you for longer than we have to. All you need to do is enter some basic information about yourself, your van and the type of cover you need. Then click the get quotes button and see what quotes are on offer.

You’ll see your results on screen but you’ll also get them sent to you via email and SMS so that you’ve got your own copy.

You just need to decide which policy is the right one for you and whether there are any optional extras that you wish to add on, such as breakdown cover.

If you’d rather not fill in a form, you can also compare cheap van insurance quotes over the phone – just call 0330 022 7725.

What do I need to know before getting a quote?

When you complete a quote with The Van Insurer, you’ll be asked to provide a few bits of information so that the quotes we compare will be accurate. 

Some of the questions will be about personal details, such as your name and date of birth, but others will be about your van and driving experience.

So, before you start, make sure that you know: 

– The make, model and engine cc of your van
– Its year of manufacture and its current worth
– When you bought your van (if you already own it)
– Your type of driving licence and when you got it
– Details of any claims or convictions 
– Your annual mileage and van usage
– Details of any No Claims Bonus

It’s a good idea to have thought about what level of cover you want before you compare van insurance, although you’ll still be able to see prices for all three levels of cover when you’re done filling in the form.

Don’t worry about making up your mind before you fill in the quote form – when you’re done, we’ll show you quotes for all three levels of cover so you can compare prices and cover at the same time.

About The Van Insurer

The Van Insurer is a dedicated van insurance comparison website that aims to save van drivers and owners like you as much money as we can.

That’s something we’ve been doing for more than ten years and you don’t hang around in such a competitive marketplace without doing something right.

One of the reasons for our success is our Cheapest Price Guarantee, which says that if you find a cheaper van insurance quote anywhere else online, we guarantee to beat it.

Another is the fact that we can get your van insured no matter how big or small it is. If you’ve got a compact van or a long-wheelbase version, a tipper or a luton box van, you can compare quotes for it with The Van Insurer.

So if you’ve got a van, whatever the make or model, and you want to compare different quotes from some of the UK’s leading van insurers, The Van Insurer can help you.