Pickup Trucks are becoming increasingly popular in the UK mainly because of their blend of practicality and versatility.

A Pickup Truck is defined as a vehicle that has a cab at the front and an open area at the back to carry goods, tools or materials. This open area at the back of the van is sometimes called the cargo area.

There are different cab sizes, ranging from single to double cabs, with doubles, as the name suggests, coming with a second set of seats.

Is it a van or a car?

A Pickup Truck straddles the boundary between cars and vans but for insurance purposes it is considered a commercial vehicle.

But that doesn't mean that you definitely need business insurance if you drive a van, you can still get a personal van insurance policy as long as you're clear about how you use it.

Business van insurance or private van insurance cover?

If you own a Pickup truck you need insurance to drive legally, but whether you choose business or private cover depends on how you use your van.

If you use your van just for social purposes, private insurance cover is ideal, however it's important to remember that you can't always commute on a basic private van insurance policy.

You can get private insurance cover that includes commuting however sometimes the option will come with a separate policy of its own, usually called Social and Domestic including commuting.

If you want commuting included in your private van insurance cover, make sure you check your policy wording.

If you ever use your Pickup Truck for work, driving between sites or offices, you will need business insurance.

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