It's also useful if you've got a van in the family that multiple members of the clan need to drive. Any driver applies to all van drivers that have a valid driving licence.

How does Any driver van insurance work?

Any driver van insurance, as the name suggests, allows multiple people to drive a single van, and they must be named on the policy. The insurance company will ask for details about the driver, such as their age, past claims, driving experience and occupation. Sometimes, insurance companies will not ask for a full list of potential drivers, just the ones that they see as 'risky'. Risky drivers to insurance companies are typically drivers who are under the age of 25 or those who do not have a clean driving licence. Usually, you will not have to provide details if you go with Any driver van insurance for drivers over 25.

Other than that, Any driver van insurance policies are similar to standard policies. There is a business and personal cover available, and some companies will cover you for both leisure and business trips in the same van. Like other vehicles on the road, you can choose between the different levels of coverage, which are -- Comprehensive, Third-Party Only and Third-Party Fire and Theft.

Third-Party Only is the least extensive and legal minimum that you can purchase. You are only covered for damage that you cause to third parties or property. You are not covered for any personal costs.

Third-Party Fire and Theft is a level up from this, and it covers you for everything that Third-Party does, with the addition of coverage for fire damage or theft.

Comprehensive is the most extensive level of coverage that you can purchase. Surprisingly, it is often the most affordable option. It covers you for damage that occurs to third parties or yourself, even if the accident was your fault.

What makes Any driver van insurance more expensive?

It won't come as too much of a shock to hear that business van insurance for any driver is generally more expensive than standard van insurance policies.

As you'd guess, cover that allows multiple people to drive a van on a single policy is going to be more expensive than one driver on one policy because there is more risk involved, so insurance companies compensate for this with the price.

Before you purchase Any driver van insurance, it is worth checking out the cost of individual policies for each driver. If you have many drivers under the age of 25, then this can rack the cost of the overall insurance up. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to purchase separate policies.

However, it is also worth keeping in mind the convenience of having all drivers on the same policy. It can save you admin time over the year and can help make your life easier. Additionally, if your company often switches drivers or has a high turnover rate, then Any driver insurance can help you save time, as you will not have to continuously add and take away people from the policy.

Any Driver Van Insurance -- Over 25s

There are other reasons why any driver van insurance might be more expensive than standard policies but adding drivers aged under 25 will make your premium rise rapidly, as they are seen as more of a risk due to their inexperience.

In fact, on some business van insurance policies, your insurer won't ask for individual details about other drivers unless they are under the age of 25.

Why is van insurance more expensive for under 25s?

Van Insurance is more expensive for under 25s because statistics show that they're more likely to be involved in an accident and make a claim on their insurance.

So if you try to add an under 25 to an Any Driver Van Insurance policy you'll probably see the cost of your premium increase, if your insurer allows you to add an under 25 at all.

Any Driver Company Van Insurance

Business van insurance for any driver policies makes sense for companies and businesses in the UK because it's convenient if you've got more than one employee who can drive your company van.

Insurance companies have different rules concerning how many drivers you can have on the policy. Some may only allow 5, whereas others may allow hundreds.

Any Driver Company Van Insurance is a policy where anyone named and registered to it can drive it.

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Remember, business van insurance for any driver is important to have as van workers are more likely to be involved in an accident, and may need to make a claim on the insurance.