What is any driver van insurance?

Any driver van insurance is a type of van insurance policy predominately used by businesses who may require different people to drive the insured van at different times.

While the term 'any driver' sounds very broad, only those approved by the insurance company can operate the vehicle. The requirements of each insurer may vary, where some might ask you to provide specific details about each driver, such as their name, age, past claims, driving experience and occupation etc.,some insurers will only require these details for drivers under the ages of 25.

So you may not always be asked for a full list of potential drivers, possibly only the ones considered to be higher-risk (those under 25 or who do not have a clean driving licence).

Business and personal cover is available, and some insurers will cover both leisure and business trips taken in the same van. As with cars and motorhomes, you can choose between Comprehensive, Third-Party Only and Third-Party Fire and Theft coverage.

Insurance description
Insurance description

Who needs any driver van insurance?

Any driver van insurance is a flexible policy that can help insure vans used for both business and leisure purposes where there is intended to be multiple users of the vehicle.

If several family members use a single van for personal travel, this type of policy may be a cost-saving way to cover each driver, although the insurance company will be able to advise you which type of policy will suit your circumstances the best.

Any driver van insurance can be very helpful for businesses. Small companies with several employees can streamline their day-to-day operations by allowing multiple drivers to deliver goods, visit clients or travel to and from their place of work using the same vehicle.

However, multi-van insurance or other commercial van insurance policies may be better suited for businesses with several company vans, many employees and more complex operations.

Is any driver van insurance different to multi-van insurance? 

Yes, any driver van insurance covers multiple drivers for a single van, whereas multi-van insurance covers one driver for more than one van.

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What advantages does any driver van insurance give you? 


Filling out paperwork in the event of a driver change can be a hassle. But with any driver van insurance, you don't have to amend your policy to change drivers. Anyone from your approved list of drivers can get on the road quickly.


Being flexible is a big part of growing your business. This type of policy can provide small companies or start-ups with better adaptability in their daily operations.

While one person works on-site, another can deliver goods to a client or pick up needed materials. Any driver policies are excellent for minimising disruptions, cutting costs and saving time. 


If you're constantly changing drivers or taking out separate policies, any driver van insurance may be a more cost-effective alternative.

What are the main van usage types for any driver van insurance? 

How you use your van will affect what type of policy you need. For any driver van insurance for businesses, you can purchase the following types: 

Carriage of own goods

A carriage of own goods policy is ideal for those who use their van to carry tools and materials to jobs. Joiners, carpenters, electricians or plumbers may benefit from this type of insurance. 

Carriage of goods for hire or reward

If you use your van to deliver goods, you'll need this type of policy.


Haulage cover differs from carriage of goods for hire or reward in that it's specific to delivery drivers who deliver single, larger items, usually covering long distances and to a defined location.

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What level of van insurance can I purchase?


Third-party is the UK's minimum legal requirement of insurance that you must hold for your vehicle to operate it on public roads

It helps to cover damage or injury to another person or property if you cause an accident. However, you and your own vehicle will not be covered.

Third-Party Fire and Theft

In addition to third-party only, as listed above, insurers will cover you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged or destroyed by fire.


Fully comprehensive cover provides everything included under the other two types of insurance and will also help cover you if your van is damaged or destroyed in an accident.

What extras can you add to any driver van insurance policies?

If the standard levels or protection afforded by your any-driver van insurance policy do not meet your needs, many insurance companies will offer a range of optional add-ons. Some examples are:

European van insurance

Standard van insurance policies may only protect you whilst driving in the UK. That’s why, if you’re travelling overseas, you should ensure you have insurance coverage across Europe or further afield if you need it. This add-on could be critical for removals companies for example.

Breakdown cover

Should the worst happen and your van breaks down on the job, then breakdown cover can help with the costs of towing, repairs, and the assistance right at the point where you need it most.

Goods-in-transit insurance

You can purchase goods-in-transit insurance as a policy add-on or as standalone cover. It helps provide coverage for goods being transported for commercial purposes.

Courtesy van insurance

This add-on gives you a replacement vehicle if yours needs to be repaired. If you’re running a business and your van is out of action for a period of time, this coverage could help keep your business up and running.

Public liability insurance

It helps to cover legal costs and any compensation you may be required to pay if a member of the public litigates against you for injuries or damages caused to them.

Legal expenses cover

If your van is involved in an incident, this add-on will help to cover any arising legal expenses.

Employers’ liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance can help to cover the cost of compensating employees who are injured or fall ill during work undertaken on your behalf.

Personal belongings insurance

If your personal items are damaged, lost or stolen, personal belongings cover can help replace or repair them. The specific items covered will depend on your coverage limits and chosen policy

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What is the cost of any driver van insurance? 

As with all insurance, the cost of any driver van insurance varies from provider to provider, so shopping around for the best deal is important.

Factors that may affect the cost of your insurance include:

The van insurance group

All vans fall into an insurance group, depending on their make, age and a number of other factors. If your van has a low insurance group number, it will typically be cheaper to insure than one in a higher group.

Driver's age

Young drivers under 25 are likely to pay more for their premiums. More experienced drivers with clean records are viewed as less of a risk on the road and so can get cheaper insurance quotations.

Van size

Compact, lightweight vans can be less expensive to insure than more powerful, heavier models. Only buy enough van for the purpose you need it for!

What you're transporting

If you're using your van to transport expensive work tools or equipment, this may increase the cost of your premiums. The more valuable the goods you transport, potentially the higher the risk of them or the van being stolen.

Business or personal use

Premiums for private vans typically cost less than those used for business. Commercial vehicles play a large part in a company's day-to-day operations, transporting goods, and visiting clients, which will increase the amount of time they are on the road.

How can I get a cheap any driver van insurance policy? 

You can help lower the cost of your premium with the following methods:

Compare any driver van insurance quotes

Don't just buy the first policy you are quoted for: shop around for deals. 

Pay annually

Many providers charge interest on monthly instalments. You can avoid these extra costs by paying the full cost of your insurance premium upfront. 

Avoid modifications

Modifying your van may make it more attractive to thieves. It may then become more likely to be stolen. To help keep premiums low, avoid making unnecessary alterations.

Insurance description
Insurance description

Choose a low-insurance group van

If you're shopping around for a van, purchasing one in a lower insurance group can cut costs when it's time to insure. 

Take extra security measures 

To prove to insurers that you keep your van safe, consider equipping your van with extra security measures.

Pick a higher voluntary excess

Voluntary excess is the amount you agree to pay in the event of an accident. By paying more in the event of a claim, you could reduce your premium. In the event of a claim, you'll need to pay both the voluntary as well as any compulsory excess, so make sure you can afford both.

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Can I get a quote for Any Driver Van Insurance with The Van Insurer?

Because of the more complex nature of any driver van insurance policies, it's easier if you talk with an insurer directly about your unique requirements.
That's why our partnership with Howden Insurance is designed to provide you with expert advice when you need it. Give them a call today about your any driver van insurance requirements and they will be happy to hope. They're standing by for your call on 0330 022 7721.

Any driver van insurance and young drivers

Statistically, young drivers represent a higher level of risk on the road due to inexperience [1]. Although any driver van insurance can be more cost-effective than individual policies, premiums may increase if you list drivers under 21 (or even 25).

If you're a business looking to save money, ensuring all drivers listed on your policy are over 25 may help to keep the costs low. In some cases, insurers may not allow drivers under 21, or even 25, from driving your van and may decline to quote on that basis.

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Do any driver van insurance policies have restrictions?

Before settling on a policy, always read the terms and conditions.

Some policies may come with restrictions. Age-related restrictions are most likely, with providers refusing to cover drivers under 21 or 25. Similar restrictions may apply to drivers over the age of 70.

There is also the issue of ‘fronting’: this happens when someone more experienced claims to be the vehicle’s primary driver. Fronting is done to try and lower the cost of premiums, but it is illegal.

Can I purchase any driver van insurance for personal use?

While these policies are more commonly used to insure commercial vehicles, they might be suitable for families who use a van as their main mode of transport.

What is the maximum number of drivers you can add to a any driver van insurance policy?

How many drivers you can add depends on your provider. Some may impose a restriction of 3 or 5, while others may have no limitations on the number of listed drivers.