Plumbers, can you imagine getting to a job without using a van? Probably not, which underlines just how important the right type of insurance cover is to you and your livelihood.

Without a van, working might not be impossible, but getting you, your tools and your supplies to a bit of a nightmare.

While that's not something everyone has to worry about, having the wrong form of insurance when you need to make a claim could make that a reality, for a while at least.

Why is the right van insurance important for plumbers?

At the risk of sounding dramatic, having the wrong form of van insurance could put a plumber, or any tradesperson, out of action and out of pocket for a while.

In the worst case scenario, if you need to make a claim on your insurance and you don't have the right form of cover, your insurer may not pay out, which means you're left without a van and in most cases, unable to work.

On top of that, anyone who owns a van must also have insurance because without that, you're breaking the law.

Carriage of own goods cover for plumbers

For most plumbers, the ideal form of business insurance is carriage of own goods cover.

If you have a Comprehensive policy, carriage of own goods cover insures you, your van and its contents -- tools and supplies for the job -- in the event of a claim.

Compare plumbers' van insurance

Plumbers can compare van insurance quotes with The Van Insurer online and over the phone.

We compare quotes from some of the biggest brokers in the UK and find you the cheapest quotes available there and then.

So whether you want carriage of own goods cover or another form of business van insurance, you can get quotes with The Van Insurer.