As a carpenter or joiner it's likely that you'll rely heavily on your van to get you and your tools to and from jobs.

So you'll understand how important it is to make sure your van and what it carries are properly covered, in case an accident stops you from working.

With fully comprehensive van insurance, you know that you'll be back on the road and able to make a living in no time at all, help putting your mind at rest when there are bills to pay.

Cheap insurance for carpenters and joiners

Insurance comparison sites are commonplace nowadays and for good reason -- they let you check which deals are available and find the right one for you so that you're not stuck auto-renewing.

By entering accurate details about yourself and your van you can get quotes from multiple insurance providers and pick which one best suits your individual needs.

Make sure you tell the truth when getting quotes -- cheaper isn't always better when it comes to van insurance and if you've inputted the wrong details, your insurance could be invalidated in the event of a claim.

What type of van insurance cover for joiners and carpenters?

Carpenters and joiners will, along with most tradespeople, need 'carriage of own goods' van insurance.

If you have a Comprehensive policy for carriage of own goods, this will cover not only your van but also your tools and materials.

So if anything happens to your van, your insurer will cover the cost to replace the vehicle and the equipment it carries (such as your tool belt) meaning you can get back to work as soon as possible.

If you're a carpenter or joiner and you're looking for van insurance then don't forget that if you find a cheaper online quote, we'll beat it!*