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Ice Cream Van insurance

Ice Cream van insurance

We haven’t got the exact figures but we’re confident that most people have bought something from an Ice Cream Van at some point in their life.

We’re also pretty sure that very few of you will have ever thought about the insurance ins and outs of Ice Cream Vans.

Fortunately we have, so if you’re an Ice Cream Van owner and are looking for a new insurance policy, you’re in the right place.

What insurance do Ice Cream Vans need?

Ice Cream ‘season’ should be fairly short in the UK with the sun rearing its head for only a few months a year, so a Short Term policy could benefit drivers.

But at the same time, if you can get out in your Ice Cream Van for most months of the year, a 12-month insurance policy could save you money.

Whatever length of policy you go for, as an Ice Cream Van owner you will probably be looking for some form of business insurance, unless you’re using the van purely for private use.

Get Ice Cream Van insurance with The Van Insurer

Because Ice Cream Van Insurance is such a specific type of cover, you can only get quotes over the phone.

Call 0330 022 7723 for Ice Cream Van Insurance quotes.

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Easy to use website and helped me get a good price for my van insurance.

Jeremy, 22nd November 2020

Honestly the cheapest quotes round.
I’m 24 and have a vw caddy I was getting quotes over £3000 everywhere else🤯 I ended up paying £1175 with the van insurer quick easy brilliant 🤙🏽🤙🏽

Daniel, 22nd November 2020

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