What does ice cream insurance cover?

Owning an ice cream van can be hugely satisfying. When the weather's hot and everyone is in a good mood, delivering sweet, frozen treats is a great way to make a living. However, as with any business you should ensure that you have the best protection that you can afford to cover against unlikely, but possible eventualities. That's where ice cream van insurance comes in.

This specialised type of insurance helps to offer protection against theft, damage and losses, meaning you can continue to bring joy to people of all ages knowing that you've got the best protection in place that you can afford.

Typically, ice cream van insurance policies provide:

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Public liability

Public liability insurance is essential for protecting you against claims made by third parties, including customers. These claims could come from those injured or whose property has been damaged by your van.

Employers' liability

If you have employees working inside your van, employers' liability is a legal requirement. It covers you and your employees if they become injured or ill as a result of their work. 

Business and office equipment 

Your ice cream van is not just a vehicle; it's also a workplace. Insurance for business and office equipment can protect against the cost of replacing or repairing items like tills, freezers, and other essential tools should they become damaged in an accident.

Stock insurance

A significant loss of stock can severely impact your business, particularly in the ice cream industry where you will be dealing with perishable goods. With stock insurance, you can improve your peace of mind knowing your goods are protected against the worst happening. 

Legal expenses

If you become involved in a dispute, legal expenses cover can be invaluable in helping meet the costs associated with getting the right help.

Personal accident  

Personal accident insurance is designed to help provide financial support if you or an employee is injured while working.

Fixtures and fittings 

Permanent fixtures and fittings in your ice cream van, such as built-in freezers or counters, can also be covered under your insurance policy, but be sure to check the policy terms to ensure you get the cover you want.

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What's typically covered by stock insurance?

Stock insurance generally covers the cost price of replacing stock lost due to theft, fire and other damage.

How much does ice cream van insurance cost?

To receive an accurate ice cream van insurance quote, your insurer will need to know more about you and some details about your vehicle.

Understanding how these variables affect your premiums is vital for budgeting. The cost can vary widely depending on several factors related to yourself, the van and your likely working locations.

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Factors affecting the cost of ice cream van insurance 

Value of the van 

If you own a vehicle with advanced features and equipment, your ice cream van insurance quote may be more expensive. High-value vehicles generally attract higher premiums because they cost more to replace or repair in the event of an accident.


Your area of operations will also have a bearing on how much insurance may cost. Due to increased risks, locations with high crime rates or a history of frequent accidents may result in higher premiums.

Claims history

Having no history of accidents or claims can be vital for getting cheap ice cream van insurance. Drivers with clean records are viewed as lower-risk by insurers and may benefit from cheaper premiums than those with a chequered driving history. 

Type of Coverage

The scope of your ice cream van insurance will also impact the cost. More comprehensive policies that include public and employers' liability, stock insurance, and other add-ons will naturally cost more than more basic policies with limited coverage.

Security measures 

Implementing additional security features can help lead to getting the cheap ice cream van insurance you may be looking for. GPS tracking devices, alarms and immobilisers significantly reduce the risk of theft or vandalism, as can parking your van in a secure lock-up or garage.

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What kind of policy excess should I expect?

An excess is the amount you agree to pay towards a successful claim. You must pay any excesses stipulated in the insurance policy before the insurer will meet the cost of any claim.

Be mindful that you'll be required to pay both the compulsory excess and any voluntary excess in the event of a claim. Balancing these costs can lead to a more affordable ice cream van insurance quote.

Employers' liability excess

Employers' liability excess is generally a fixed amount but can vary depending on how many people you employ and the nature of their work. 

Tools excess

The excess for tools and equipment used in your ice cream van usually depends on their declared value. High-value equipment might result in a higher excess. However, some insurers offer a sliding scale of excess options based on the value of your tools.

Stock excess

The excess is often fixed for stock insurance but can be adjusted based on your stock's total cost value and associated risks. Perishable items, the kind obviously stored in ice cream vans, can face a higher excess because of the risks involved in losing them due to, for example, a power failure or breakdown.

Business and office equipment excess

The excess for business and office equipment like fridges, freezers, and other fixtures usually depends on their value and the terms of your policy. Some insurers offer lower excess options if you have additional security measures to protect these items.

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How do I choose insurance?

Choosing the right level and type of ice cream van insurance can save you from meeting costly repairs in the event of an accident.

Does ice cream insurance cover my work correctly?

Before selecting an ice cream van insurance policy, you must assess whether it adequately covers all aspects of your business.

You may need additional coverage like market traders or catering van insurance if you have multiple trades or jobs. Discuss your specific business activities with your provider to ensure all your bases are covered.

Which public liability limit should I choose?

Public liability insurance is crucial for any business that interacts with the public.

The limit you choose should be sufficient to cover potential claims, which can be quite high depending on the nature of the incident. Factors like the size of your operation, locations, and the volume of customers you serve can influence the limit. Your insurance broker will be able to help advise you on this based on their experience of providing ice cream van insurance.

Ways to help reduce the cost of your ice cream van insurance

Cheap ice cream van insurance is the end goal, but not at any cost. Every business owner wants a policy that covers their van and stock without breaking the bank. So, how can you reduce the cost of premiums whilst ensuring you're adequately protected?

Increase voluntary excess

You can often secure a lower premium by agreeing to pay a higher voluntary excess. However, you should only agree to pay what you can afford and keep this cost in mind as an ongoing potential business liability.

Build up a no-claims discount

A no-claims discount is a reward insurers offer for not making any claims on your policy over consecutive years of holding valid insurance. Usually, but not always, limited to a maximum of 9 years, the longer you go without making a claim, the larger the discount you could receive on your premium.

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Add extra security features

Installing security features like alarms, immobilisers, or GPS tracking systems can make your van less attractive to thieves. You may be provided cheap ice cream van insurance quotes if you can prove your vehicle is well-protected.

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Does insurance for an ice cream van automatically cover anyone driving the van?

To ensure that you, your employees, or any other drivers are properly insured, it's crucial to understand what kinds of driver coverage are available.  A policy that only insures you is likely to be the most straightforward and cheapest policy, but of course this means that you have to do all the driving. This option might be ideal for sole proprietors with no employees or other drivers.

A policy that insures yourself and one or more named drivers

If you have specific employees or even family members who will also be driving the ice cream van, you can add them as named drivers to your policy.

While this will usually affect the premium, it provides the flexibility of having multiple people legally able to operate the van. The cost may vary depending on the named drivers' age, driving history, and experience.

A policy that insures any licenced driver to drive the van (sometimes known as "Any Driver Insurance")

Any driver insurance allows any licensed driver to operate your ice cream van, provided they have your permission. This policy can be particularly useful for larger businesses with multiple employees who may need to drive the van at different times.

However, this type of policy often has certain restrictions, such as age limits or driving experience requirements and despite the term "any driver" being used, insurers may request details of everyone who may drive the van.

Legal requirements for ice cream van insurance

In the UK, ice cream van insurance is not just advisable; it's a legal requirement for anyone running this type of business. Failing to have the proper insurances in place can result in hefty fines, legal action, and even the loss of your business. Here are some of the key legal requirements you need to be aware of:

Minimum Coverage

At the very least, you are required to have third-party liability insurance.

TPO ice cream van insurance covers the costs if you are responsible for injuring someone or damaging their property, but it doesn't cover any damage to your van. 

Employers' Liability Insurance

If you employ anyone, even on a casual or part-time basis, you are legally required to have employers' liability insurance.  It helps cover you if an employee is injured or becomes ill due to their work.

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Does public liability insurance cover my business for the actions of my employees?

Public liability insurance covers claims made against your business by third parties, which could include customers or members of the public. However, it does not financially protect against claims made against you by an employee. To be covered for this, you would need employers liability insurance.

Is there an age limit to the ice cream vans I can get insurance for?

The age of your ice cream van can indeed affect your insurance options. Some insurance providers may have restrictions on insuring older vans due to the increased risk of mechanical failure or safety issues.

However, specialised insurers may offer policies for vintage or older models. It's essential to compare ice cream van insurance quotes from different providers and check the policy terms to understand any van age limitations.

What insurance options do I have when it’s no longer the ice cream season?

During the off-season, when your ice cream van is not operating, you may consider switching to a "SORN" (Statutory Off Road Notification) insurance policy.

These offer reduced coverage and are generally cheaper than full-year ice cream van insurance policies. They cover risks like theft, vandalism, and fire while your van is off the road but won't cover you for driving or other road-related incidents.

Some insurers also offer flexible policies that allow you to add or remove different cover options depending on the season for a more cost-effective solution.

Can I modify my ice cream van and still be covered?

Modifications to your ice cream van can affect your policy in various ways. For instance, performance-enhancing modifications may increase the risk of accidents and lead to higher premiums.

However, modifications aimed at improving safety and security could make you eligible for discounts. It's crucial to inform your insurer about any customisations to ensure your coverage remains valid.