Can I get van insurance as a young driver?

Yes, young drivers can obtain van insurance, but it might come at a higher cost than for older, more experienced drivers. Insurance providers typically classify individuals under the age of 25 as young drivers. This classification is based on statistical data indicating that drivers in this age group are more likely to be involved in accidents.

While this might seem discouraging, it's essential to remember that insurance is a protective measure. As young drivers gain more experience and maintain a clean driving record, their premiums may become comparatively less expensive over time.

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How old do you have to be to get van insurance?

To purchase insurance, different providers may have different minimum ages.

Over 17

Drivers can start getting van insurance from the age of 17, that being the minimum age at which you can obtain a full driving licence in the UK . However, being a young driver might mean fewer insurance options and potentially higher costs due to the perceived risks associated with inexperience.

Over 21

While it's possible to get insurance from age 17, some insurers will only insure drivers who are 21 or older because, statistically, older drivers tend to have fewer accidents.

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Why is insurance more expensive for younger drivers?

Higher risk of accidents

Due to limited experience and statistical evidence that categorises young drivers as higher risk, they may face higher premiums.

Vans can be harder to drive

Given their size, weight and different handling, vans can be more challenging to manoeuvre, especially for inexperienced drivers.

Vans can cause more damage in accidents

Vans can cause more significant damage in a collision due to their size and weight. This may mean higher claim amounts which insurers factor into the cost of premiums.

Insurance description
Insurance description


Where a driver lives and where they park their van can influence insurance costs. Areas with higher crime rates or more traffic can result in increased premiums.


The nature of one's job and the purpose of using the van (e.g., for business) can impact insurance costs. Using a van for work might require more comprehensive coverage, potentially costing drivers more.

Driving convictions

Young drivers with convictions or offences on their record are seen as higher risk and that may be reflected in the quotes for van insurance they receive.

Less likely to have built up no-claims

Younger drivers, having spent less time on the road, are less likely to have accumulated discounts from making consecutive years of no claims.

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What is the cheapest van to insure as a young driver?

If you're a young driver searching for low-cost insurance, you can strategically choose a van that's cheaper to insure!

Smaller engines

By choosing the smallest and lightest vehicle possible, you might make your insurance more affordable. Vans with smaller engines tend to be less powerful and, therefore, seen as less of an insurance risk.

No modifications

Maintaining your van’s original features can help keep costs down.

Any changes to the van, especially those that enhance its performance or value, can lead to higher insurance premiums. This could include sign-writing on the sides of your van, which may make it attractive to thieves.

Low insurance group

Vans that fall into lower insurance groups are generally cheaper to insure. These groups are determined based on various factors, including the van's age, size, power, and safety and security features.

How to get a young driver van insurance quote

You can get a young driver van insurance quote quickly and easily with The Van Insurer!

Van registration

When seeking a quote, it helps if you can provide the van's registration number. Giving this will help insurers identify the specific vehicle and gather essential details.

Make and model

If you don’t have the van registration, perhaps because you haven’t purchased the van yet, don’t worry we can quote based on the van’s make and model.

Driver details

You'll need to provide personal information, including your name, address, and date of birth.

Other details about driving offences or penalty points must also be disclosed, allowing insurers to create a personalised risk profile for you.

Type of cover

You can choose from the minimum level of third-party coverage, third-party fire and theft or a comprehensive policy.

Before getting a quote, you’ll need to decide which level of young driver van insurance cover you want.

Recent insurance documents

Having up-to-date claims information from your recent insurance provider, if you have one, can help you get an accurate quote quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

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What add-ons might be available with young driver van insurance?

If the standard levels or protection afforded by your young-driver van insurance policy do not meet your needs, many insurance companies will offer a range of optional add-ons such as those below, available after having selected your chosen insurance provider from the list of quotes we provide.

Breakdown cover

If your vehicle breaks down on the road, this add-on could include services like towing, on-the-spot repairs, and even alternative transportation in some cases.

Legal cover

Legal cover might help with the costs of legal actions that arise from a road incident. It may include legal fees and expenses when claiming compensation after an accident.

Keys and windscreen cover 

Keys and windscreen cover seeks to help with the costs of replacing lost or stolen keys and repairing a damaged windscreen.

Stereo cover

If your van's audio or visual equipment gets damaged or stolen, this cover will help you replace or repair it. It's especially useful if you’ve invested in high-end equipment, although that should be disclosed to your insurer as a modification and may affect the amount you pay for your insurance!

Personal accident

Personal accident cover offers financial support during challenging times. It provides a payout in the event of specific injuries or death resulting from a road accident.

Personal belongings cover

If your personal items are damaged or stolen from your van, this cover could compensate you up to a certain limit.

Driving abroad 

Planning to drive your van abroad? Purchase peace of mind with driving abroad cover: this helps ensure you have the necessary coverage for overseas travel.

Employers liability

For those using their vans for business, this cover helps protect against claims from employees who might get injured or ill due to their work.

Public liability

Public liability insurance is designed to help meet the cost of claims made against you by a member of the public, either due to an injury or damage caused by your van or your actions.

Goods in transit

If you transport goods as part of your business, this add-on covers the cost if they get lost, stolen, or damaged while in your van.

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How can I improve my road safety as a young van driver?

You can improve your road safety by gaining experience, being cautious and educating yourself.

Consider taking advanced driving courses to enhance your skills. Always adhere to speed limits, avoid distractions like mobile phones, and be especially careful in adverse weather conditions.

Regularly maintaining your van, including checking the brakes, tires, and lights, can also lower your chances of being in an accident.

Is van insurance more expensive than car insurance for young drivers?

Typically yes, van insurance can be more expensive than car insurance for young drivers as vans are often harder to drive safely because of their size and weight which can influence factors such as braking distances and turning circles.

However, by comparing different insurance providers and policies, young drivers should be able to find competitive rates that suit their requirements.

Is there anything else that I need to know about getting van insurance?

Before searching for a young driver van insurance policy, decide how you will use your van. For example, if you’re operating it for personal purposes much like you would a car (like visiting friends or shopping), a private van insurance policy might suffice.

However, if you use the van for work, even just commuting, you may need business or commercial van insurance. Always ensure that your policy reflects the actual use of your van; otherwise, you risk invalidating your insurance in the event of a claim.

Do all van insurance policies cover young drivers?

Not all van insurance policies cover young drivers. Some insurance companies might have age restrictions and only cover drivers aged 21 or over. In some cases, the minimum age could even be 25.

However, this doesn't mean young drivers can't get van insurance; it just means the options might be limited. It's essential to shop around and compare policies to find one that caters to young drivers.