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I'm over 50, does that mean I get cheaper van insurance?

That depends. According to number crunchers, the over 50s don't make as many insurance claims compared to other age groups. Generally speaking, this means you can expect to pay some of the lowest insurance premiums on offer.

But remember -- age is just a number. So, if your driving history is more chequered than a Grand Prix flag, or your insurer thinks you're at risk of having an accident or your van stolen, then you're more likely to face higher premiums, no matter how old you are.

So how do insurers calculate my van insurance?

Lots of things make up the cost of your van premium so being over 50 doesn't automatically mean you'll get cheaper cover than someone in their 40s.

Your insurer will think about:

  • Your driving history -- keep this clean as a whistle to get the best premiums.
  • Your no claims bonus -- the more years of no claims you have under your belt, the better.
  • Where you live -- you're likely to pay more if you live somewhere with higher than average vehicle crime.
  • Security -- keep thieves at bay with an approved security alarm or lock your van in a garage overnight.
  • The type of van you have -- big powerful vans usually mean higher premiums -- who said size matters anyway.
  • Use -- in most cases, the more miles you drive the more you'll have to fork out for cover.

Should I buy insurance from a specialist over 50s provider?

Only if you want to. Just because you're over 50 doesn't mean you have to buy your insurance from a specialist insurance provider.

Most mainstream insurers will have a policy that fits your needs but the only thing you need to bear in mind is whether there are upper age limits.

Specialist over 50s insurers are more likely to cover you at any age whereas a general insurer might not -- some limit cover to 65s and under.

Of course, there may be some benefits you can get from an over 50s insurer -- such as emergency driver cover.

This means that any other driver in your party can finish your journey (or return your van home) if you can't because of a medical emergency.

Cut the cost of your over 50s van insurance quote

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