Builders’ van insurance

Every builder knows the importance of their van to their business without it, it would be almost impossible to work.

It’s the thing that gets you not just from A to B, but your tools, supplies and other members of staff there too.

It’s also your mobile advertisement and for many others, it’s their mode of transport socially too.

That’s why getting the right van insurance is so important for builders because without it, work stops.

Why is van insurance so important for a builder?

Van insurance is a legal requirement in the UK and if you’re a builder using your van for work, a business policy is essential to.

Aside from the legal angle, getting the right level of cover can also save you time, money and stress if you need to make a claim.

In the worst case scenario, if your van was out of action and you need to make a claim, it can help you get back into work sooner rather than later, saving you money in the long run.

Cheap van insurance for builders

When you compare van insurance with The Van Insurer, we compare quotes from some of the UK’s leading van brokers and give you the cheapest quotes available at that time

So, if saving money is your objective, The Van Insurer can help, however when it comes to insuring a van you use for work, cheaper isn’t always best.

That’s why we show different levels of cover from the brokers on our panel, ranging from Comprehensive through to Third Party Only.

If your livelihood depends on it, it could be better to spend more on a policy that covers you, your tools and your van for any eventuality.

Types of van insurance for builders

For most builders, a carriage of own goods cover will be right for them.

Carriage of own goods cover on a Comprehensive policy means that you, your van and the goods inside it are covered in the event of an accident.

So whether it’s your van that gets damaged, or your expensive tools or supplies for this afternoon’s job that get damaged, they’ll be covered.

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