Christmas gift ideas for van drivers

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Christmas wish list written on paper

It’s Christmaaaas! That means mistletoe, mince pies and some well-deserved time off with your friends and family (just don’t turn up on Christmas Day with a rubbish present if you want in on their turkey dinner).

Van owners can be tricky to buy for, so to help you get it right this year we’ve put together ten Christmas gift ideas that any van enthusiast would be happy to receive.

Magnetic phone holder

This magnetic phone holder easily grips all models of smart phones as well as mini tablets.

It has 360 degree rotation and can be turned from side to side with a single flick- just remember that it’s illegal to touch your phone whilst driving so if you need to use your phone for Sat Nav directions, programme it before you get going.

You can use the phone holder for all sorts of things when you’re not on the move, for hands free conference calls at service stations, for example, or stick it to the table if you’re watching a film in your campervan.

Travel kettle

An all-round essential for any van driver is this super-efficient kettle and travel mug in one.

It safely boils and insulates water, has a display screen and easy to use buttons, protects against spills and can be installed or hung up virtually anywhere.

It’s the ideal gift for anyone with a van who travels long distances, likes to go exploring or simply loves tea.

Membership to Audible

Keep your van driver (and their passengers) entertained on long journeys with a Audible Membership membership to Audible!

Whether they’re interested in crime, biographies, personal development or even fairy tales, Audible’s huge library has got it covered.

Van vault

On the pricier side is this ultra secure Van Vault 2 which is ideal for any van driver who keeps their tools in their van overnight.

This one has a 70mm disc lock as well as four reinforced fitting points, three sets of keys and anti-corrosion protection which means your vanner can sleep soundly at night knowing that their expensive tools are well protected.

For peace of mind alone this is well worth the money!

Van bin

All van drivers know how quickly coffee cups and crisp wrappers build up, so help them keep on top of things with this handy Henry Car Bin!

It can hold over 9 litres of rubbish, secures to your van with Velcro straps and folds flat for easy storage. Plus the bright design means it can’t be missed!


A slightly different idea for a late Christmas present is the DipClip; ‘an in-car condiment holder for anyone who loves sauce with their food.’

This little clip fits onto nearly all air vents and can hold almost every sauce from the UK’s major fast food chains.

Thermal blinds

Know a loved one with a VW Transporter?

These Thermal Blinds by Summit will keep them toasty in winter and cool in summer, as well as keeping condensation from building up.

The blinds are made to cover all three front windows on the T5 transporter and are easily fitted via suction cups.

Retro treats

Retro treats are an ideal stocking filler for any vanner with a sweet tooth.

Once they’ve finished snacking on Flying Saucers, Refresher lollies and Fizz Wizz’s, they’ll have a handy tin to keep change from rolling around the dashboard.

Ice scraper Mitt

If you’re looking for a cheap, life-changing essential, then look no further than this Ice Scraper Mitt.

It comes in a festive Christmas green with a soft insulated fleece interior and is perfect for protecting hands from the cold whilst removing ice and snow from windows and windscreens.

Jelly belly gift set

The Jelly belly air freshener gift set includes Very Cherry, Blueberry and Tangerine as well as a pack of actual Jelly Belly beans – what more could you want!

The set will eliminate any bad smells that linger whether they be from your work boots, food or any unpleasant cargo you may be carrying.

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