Christmas gift ideas for van drivers

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Christmas wish list written on paper

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The lights are shining, the songs are playing and you… haven’t got a clue what to buy for your van-driving buddies for Christmas.

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. From puzzle books to practical favourites, we’ve put together ten Christmas gift ideas for all budgets that any van enthusiast would be happy to receive.

1. Magnetic phone holder

This magnetic phone holder easily grips all models of smart phones as well as mini tablets.

It has 360 degree rotation and can be turned from side to side with a single flick- just remember that it’s illegal to touch your phone whilst driving so if you need to use your phone for Sat Nav directions, programme it before you get going.

You can use the phone holder for all sorts of things when you’re not on the move, for hands free conference calls at service stations, for example, or stick it to the table if you’re watching a film in your campervan.

2. Travel kettle

An all-round essential for any van driver is this super-efficient kettle and travel mug in one.

It safely boils and insulates water, has a display screen and easy to use buttons, protects against spills and can be installed or hung up virtually anywhere.

It’s the ideal gift for anyone with a van who travels long distances, likes to go exploring or simply loves tea.

3. Van vault

How about this ultra-secure Van Vault 2, which is ideal for any van driver who keeps their tools in their van overnight.

This one has a 70mm disc lock as well as four reinforced fitting points, three sets of keys and anti-corrosion protection, which means your vanner can sleep soundly at night knowing that their expensive tools are well protected.

For peace of mind alone, this is well worth the money.

4. British road map puzzle book

It’s not unusual for van drivers to find themselves with a bit of time to kill between jobs or while they’re stopped at a service station to eat.

This puzzle book is the perfect gift for those who like to keep their brains in gear and take on a challenge. With over 400 mind-boggling questions, this is sure to keep any van driver entertained for hours.

It’s the gift that your vanner never knew they needed!

5. Heated seat pads

We all know that one person who can never seem to get warm, especially when they’re out and about in the cold winter chill.

These heated seat pads can keep you toasty by plugging directly into the 12v socket in your van and warming up in two minutes.

6. Mix tape/playlist/CD

This gift may be a blast from the past but we think it’s a timeless classic.

Creating a playlist of your loved-one’s favourite songs for them to listen to in their van will be sure to keep them entertained and the best part is, it’s free!

7. USB adapter

Running out of battery while you’re on the road can be hugely frustrating but it’s even worse if your job depends on staying in touch.

This practical, compact stocking-filler will ensure that the vanner in your life stays powered up and connected, wherever they are on the UK’s roads.

It automatically adjusts the voltage received from the vehicle so your device always charges at a constant rate, while its two charging ports allow for simultaneous tablet and smartphone charging – how handy is that?!

8. Windscreen ice shield

There’s nothing worse than spending your time in the bitterly cold mornings defrosting your windscreen, especially when you’re already running late for work!

This ice-shield is ideal for those expecting a white Christmas this year.

9. Ruddy Muddy calendar

Ruddy Muddy 2020 calendar

We’ve spoken about this guy before here at The Van Insurer, but we just can’t get enough of him!

Rick Minns, also known as Ruddy Muddy, creates incredible pieces of art on the side of vehicles in mud. Yep, you heard us – mud.

After gaining a pretty impressive following on social media and across national media, the artist has come out with a 2020 calendar. Email to order yours today.

10. Portable jump start kit

There’s nothing worse than that heart-sinking moment when you realise that your van battery is kaput.

That’s why we love this portable jump start kit. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily stashed away in a glove box and an added bonus is that you can charge three devices simultaneously in less than 35 minutes.

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