Valentine’s Day for those on the road

Dirty van with love heart
Being half way from home, whether for business or pleasure, can mean that special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, can be tricky to master.
That’s why we’ve thought of three brilliant ways to incorporate your van into your Valentine’s Day celebrations whilst on the open road.

A hilltop picnic for two

Take the apple of your eye for a date with a difference – a private picnic with a hilltop view.
Throw open the back of the van and use the doors as a makeshift veranda – or, depending on the weather, as a wind break! Lay a blanket out on the grass and pick some flowers to put in a glass. Strawberries are optional.
For a backing soundtrack, tune the radio into a suitably smooth station and crack the windows.
Don’t forget the blankets for when the sun starts to go down, and pack a mini BBQ for marshmallow toasting.

A sleepover with a difference

If you and your loved one are on the road and planning on hunkering down for the night, make it one to remember with a few well thought out decorations.
Fairy lights are an easy alternative to candles; they give off a warm cosy glow but without the worry of open flames sending your sleeping bags up.
Hang some paper lanterns or heart shaped balloons up, lay duvets, blankets, throws and pillows over a comfy air bed, then fire up the laptop and find a film to watch together.
Bonus cosy points if it’s raining outside.

A magical movie drive- in

Let someone else do the hard work this Valentine’s. All you need to do is pull into the drive-in, order a couple of hot dogs from the waiter on wheels, and sing along to Grease’s best hits.
Open air theatre’s and drive in’s are on the rise in the UK due to the fact you’re not charged per person and are free to chat, laugh loudly and rustle your sweets without being glared at.
You can book online or simply turn up on the night and pay at the kiosk.
Flash your headlights if you need some snacks, and don’t be afraid to dance in the aisles!