Vantrepreneurs: Curbside Gaming

When Darren Smith was medically discharged from the military following 20 years’ active service, he found that many of the skills he had acquired during his career could be transferred to a new venture.

Self-discipline, motivation and commitment all helped him to capitalise on a gap in the market for ‘mobile entertainment’ and, working alongside his family, Curbside Gaming was launched.

Darren’s custom-built Mercedes van is fully geared up with the latest gaming consoles, including PS4, Xbox One and Wii, as well as those that draw on nostalgia such as Sega Megadrive, Super Nintendo and Atari.

Boasting four 42-inch HD screens within the van and one 50-inch screen on the van’s exterior, up to 16 guests can experience the latest in home video gaming and VR technology via a selection of over 300 games.

The fun isn’t limited to children’s parties; corporate events, stag and hen parties, weddings and christenings have all opened up the market as the business’ reputation grows.

According to Darren, “Hurdles and self-doubt are all part of the journey but stick with it and you’ll come through the other side. It’s hard work but if you do something you enjoy work seems more like a hobby than a job”.

Two years after Curbside Gaming’s launch, Darren has ambitious plans for the future and with such drive and ambition, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of his vans out on the road in the near future.