Fleet Van Insurance

Multiple vans parked up on the roadside
Fleet van insurance is a form of business cover for any company or organisation that runs more than one van.

Essentially it’s a multi-van policy for employers and it can help business owners save money on their company’s van insurance policies.

How can Fleet van insurance save me money?

If your business owns a number of vans, you can get a single, fleet van insurance policy rather than separate cover for each vehicle.

This can save you money because essentially you’re bulk-buying multiple insurance policies from a single broker, and that usually results in some form of discount.

Is van insurance easier with Fleet insurance?

As well as potentially saving you money, Fleet van insurance arguably makes things easier for business owners too.

Fleet van insurance streamlines multiple policies and everything that they bring. So instead of separate documents, payment dates and renewals, you have one item for all vans.

Get Fleet van insurance with The Van Insurer

You can get cheap Fleet van insurance over the phone with The Van Insurer.

You get to see quotes for different types of policies, so all you have to do is pick the policy that suits your needs.

So see if Fleet van insurance can save you money when you compare with The Van Insurer.

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