Renault launches its innovative new solution for delivery van drivers

In a bid to address the needs of last-mile urban delivery drivers, Renault has unveiled its latest van, an experimental electric and connected light commercial vehicle (LCV) named EZ-FLEX.

Red Renault EZ-FLEX parked

According to Renault, the EZ-FLEX boasts both delivery efficiency and sustainable mobility, while its compact and manoeuvrable vehicle design means it can easily navigate urban areas.

At 3.86m long, 1.65m wide and 1.88m tall, the van’s dimensions make it ideally suited to narrow and busy city centres, while its innovative design means there’s still spacious load capacity of 3m3.

Rear loading is optimised via an ergonomic loading height, 760 mm above ground, and openings enabling easy access to the entire loading surface. The vehicle was also designed to enable a wide variety of rear space configurations that are adaptable and designed to meet the different needs of its professional drivers.

Red Renault EZ-FLEX stationary

Wide access to the driver’s seat, a highly visible central dashboard for quick and easy access to driving information, pedestrian and urban environment visibility and simple and efficient driving controls also enhance the EZ-FLEX’s appeal.

Despite its compact nature, the cockpit offers all the features drivers would expect in a standard LCV. For example, its interface is designed to fully integrate into the world of smartphones, providing vehicle services and applications that can link to various professional activities.

The concept model boasts a range of 100km; enough to handle the 50km driven daily by the average delivery vehicle.

Man driving new Renault EZ-FLEX

Attempting to greater understand the growing demands of delivery drivers, Renault will be loaning a dozen EZ-FLEX models out to operators across Europe over the next two years. Real-world data will then be fed back to Renault designers that will help to develop the vans of tomorrow.

With the volume of transported goods in the world expected to quadruple by 2050, some might say that Renault is already poised to catch the wave with this delivery van of the future.

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