The Van Insurer Money Saving Toolkit


2017 saw motor insurance premiums rise faster than ever before, after the Association of British Insurers (ABI) revealed an 11 per cent increase in costs betweeen Q2 2016 and Q2 2017.

That’s the fastest rise since records began and means you’re likely to pay more than ever before for your annual policy.

The rise is the result of a revised discount rate, which now means insurers pay out more in compensation claims to accident victims and, rather than absorb the costs themselves, are passing the cost onto motorists.

And the ABI says that the change means average UK premiums shot up by £75 as a result.

That’s bad news for motorists and why now more than ever, it’s important to try to save money on your van insurance.

So we’ve come up with a money saving toolkit to help you save money on your next van insurance policy.

We’ve looked at common ways you can save, our Cheapest Price Guarantee, dived into our data to see when it’s cheapest to get insured and rounded up some useful money saving tips from The Van Insurer.

1. How to save on your van insurance

There are some fairly common ways you can save money on your van insurance premium.

We’ve rounded them up in this simple guide that looks at the impact of signage and voluntary excess on your insurance policy price.

2. Cheapest Price Guarantee

The Van Insurer has a Cheapest Price Guarantee where if you find a cheaper quote anywhere else online, we guarantee to beat it.

That’s one way you can save with The Van Insurer.

3. More money saving advice

We’re always keen to help our users save money on their van insurance policy, which is why we look at our quote data a lot to get insights into what makes van insurance cheaper.

We’ve published an infographic on The Most Expensive Places to Insure your Van, delved into the Cheapest Vans to Insure and a Van Running Costs Calculator to help you determine just how much your van will cost.

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