The Must-Have Apps for Van Drivers

The smartphone has become an integral part of our lives, with an application out there for almost anything. They go everywhere with us, even in our vans, so we might as well use them to our advantage and make van life that little bit easier. 

We’ve put together our five must-have apps for van drivers.

  1. Waze

    Waze is a free navigation app that draws upon real-time information to warn you of any accidents or road closures. The mapping is constantly updated and will even read out directions so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road.

    A community of ‘Wazers’ will also direct users based on crowdsourced information, reporting a multitude of traffic-related incidents from accidents to police traps. Users will also get a handy alert if there are areas and roads to avoid due to large events and gatherings.

  2. RingGo

    How many times have you parked your van and realised you’ve got no cash to pay the parking meter? With parking payment apps like RingGo, you can pay through your phone and don’t have to worry about carrying cash around.

    Most car parks now accept RingGo payments and the app displays a handy map so you can check in advance. The app also sends an alert when your time is almost up so you can top up instantly while you are out and about.

  3. WhatGas

    WhatGas is an application that makes finding the cheapest fuel extra simple for you. The app displays a map with nearby petrol stations and the prices of fuel, along with the dates that they were last updated by road users.

    The app allows access to the details of over 50,000 filling stations, including all the major brands and you can also view by fuel type for added ease.

  4. Smart Dash Cam

    The clue is in the name, but with Smart Dash Cam you can turn your phone into a car video recorder at a fraction of the price of a dashcam device. The app records the road ahead of you and can be useful in capturing evidence if you ever come across an accident or dangerous driving.

    Just to keep it safe, we would recommend buying a dash car mount to hold your phone in place on your windscreen.

  5. RAC Traffic News

    And finally, it is essential for van drivers to keep an eye on the traffic news nearby so you can complete your journey safely and efficiently.  RAC Traffic News is a free app for both RAC members and non-members.

    The app is ideal for professional van drivers because traffic hold-ups can be both time-consuming and expensive. It lets you plan your route by giving you live traffic updates along a route you select or a traffic report for a location of your choice in the UK.

These five apps will help to make your life easier, save you money or get you where you’re going on time. Remember – it’s illegal and dangerous to use a smartphone while you’re driving, so if you need to open an app always park safely first.