Treat the van you love

Two white vans, nose-to-nose with love heart in between
If you use your van for work, chances are you probably spend more time with it than you do your friends, family or partner. So, why not treat it to something special this Valentine’s Day?

Seat protector

This heavy-duty, stylish heated seat cushion comes with 10 second rapid heating functionality and three temperature levels. It’s the perfect winter warmer for when you’re out and about on the roads.

Febreze air freshener

Clip this little air freshener to your van’s air vents and enjoy filling your cabin with the delightful aroma of pacific air.

Van brush

Treat your van to a good scrub with this extendable scrubbing brush. It makes cleaning faster and easier by feeding fresh water through the handle – no need for a bucket!


Consider giving your van a glitter makeover with these metal flakes. You can add them to clear paint for a subtle sparkle or to contrasting colour paint for a real pop!

Van bin

Show your van you really care by keeping this pop up bin within reach. It’s the ideal size for sweet wrappers and parking tickets and can be kept off the floor by attaching it to your head rest.

GPS tracker

And last but not least, you can’t treat your van if it’s not there! You’ll always know where your dearly beloved is with this GPS tracker.

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