Tidy Tips – Keeping Your Work Van Organised


As van insurance price comparison specialists, we understand that your van is much more than a vehicle, especially if you rely on it for your day job. Beyond creating a good impression for potential clients, keeping your work vehicle clean and tidy can actively improve its efficiency while boosting your productivity to boot.

If you’re a tradesperson, you probably use your van to transport essential tools and equipment every single day, so we know that keeping it organised can be tricky. That’s why we’ve pulled together our top tips to help you keep things in order while you’re out and about, and consequently make your life easier!

Cut the clutter

One of the first steps in creating a clean and productive work van is to de-clutter. It is easy to accumulate a collection of bits and bobs from different jobs that end up not being used and taking up valuable space in your van.

Store a slim bin such as the Bobrick Waste Receptacle, or something softer and easy to move like the Gadlane Car Rubbish Bin. This is particularly important in the front of your van as it is the one place people can see inside from the outside. If you are disposing of rubbish and clutter on your dashboard, it will give your business a messy and unprofessional feel to customers and onlookers.

Smart storage

When it comes to organising your work van, being smart with your storage is key. There are all sorts of tips, tricks and products out there to get the most out of your space.
It is often helpful to catalogue smaller tools into zip bags and labelled buckets so they can be accessed easily without creating a mess. You could even consider suspending lightweight items like string and cords from the ceiling.

Think vertically

Be smart when loading up your van with tools and equipment – installing vertical storage is a clever way to store your essentials. Sort your items by size, with larger equipment on the floor and smaller items on shelves and hooks.

Stack items vertically along the interior walls and doors and maximise space with magnetized stripping for hanging metal tools. Hang plastic or fabric closet organizers with pockets to store small, lightweight equipment.

Many contractors offer professional shelving options, but you can easily build a DIY installation at home.


Like most things in life, you will only see results if you are consistent. Spending 5 minutes tidying your van at the end of every workday will decrease the amount of mess and clutter build up. Ensuring you implement a consistent cleaning system will also increase productivity as it will decrease the amount of time you spend looking for tools and equipment while you’re on the job.

It may seem like a chore, but you will thank yourself later!

So, if you declutter, implement smart storage and stick to a daily tidy-up, it will not only help your workday run more smoothly, but it can also have a big impact on your business.

Whatever you use your van for, don’t forget that we can provide you with van insurance quotes from 48 insurance brokers, regardless of how clean and tidy you keep it!