How to save money as a van driver

It’s that time of the year when we’re starting to think about our resolutions for the next 12 months. If one of yours is to cut down the costs of running your van then we’ve got good news for you!

Whether you use your van for work or leisure, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your outgoings, and we’ve got our top five tips for you right here.


Use an insurance price comparison website

We know what you’re thinking, being a price comparison website ourselves, we’re bound to say that, right? Well, you’ve got a point, but we know that shopping around really makes a difference.

It’s all too easy to simply accept auto-renew when your policy’s up but a price comparison site will highlight the best deals to reduce your premium. We compare prices from over 40 insurance brokers at the press of a button so when it comes to renewal time, we do the hard work for you.


Get cashback on fuel

Fuel is always going to be one of your biggest expenses but it’s possible to make your purchases go some way towards paying for themselves with cashback incentives.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and many offer you up to five per cent back on purchases, but a couple of good ones are American Express’s platinum cashback everyday credit card and Sainsbury’s Bank Nectar reward credit card.


Make your van more secure

Van insurance is calculated against the risk your vehicle poses to the insurer, so it makes sense to reduce the threat by boosting your security credentials.

There are a host of things you can do to deter thieves, from fitting an alarm and using a steering lock, to parking strategically and removing tools from your van at night. You can learn more about how to keep your van secure with our helpful guide.

Use apps

There are a host of apps you can rely on to trim down costs on almost every aspect of driving so make sure you’re familiar with the most relevant ones for you.

Parkopedia, for example, provides real-time information on parking space availability. In addition to saving you from driving around and burning fuel, it will show you the cheapest parking options available to you, which is pretty helpful if you work or live in a big city. Another handy application is WhatGas, which feeds you details nearby petrol stations and pricing.


Check your tyres

This one is so obvious, but so often overlooked. Driving with underinflated tyres means that your engine has to work harder to move your van and that uses up more fuel, an extra six per cent in some cases.

In addition to being more dangerous to drive, under-inflated tyres are also more susceptible to pothole and general road damage so if they need changing it’s wise to invest in a new set.  You should check your tyres monthly so it’s worth taking a reading when you’re at a filling station, or you could invest in a good tyre inflator so you’re always operating on maximum efficiency.


Whatever van you drive, we’re here to help you find the best premium to suit your needs at the most competitive price.


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