How to insure a van for a temporary period


There are lots of reasons why you might want to insure a van for a temporary period. Perhaps your usual van is off the road and you are using someone else’s vehicle for the interim? Or maybe you usually drive a smaller van but need a larger one for a specific one-off purpose?

Sometimes people want temporary van insurance to move house or transport furniture. Whatever your reason, taking out van insurance to cover a temporary period is usually possible. You’ll need temporary van insurance when:

• Borrowing a friend’s van
• Adding an additional driver to share driving duties on a long journey

Usually, when you hire a van, insurance is included as part of the cost; but, if it isn’t, you will also need short term van insurance to cover this.

What do you need for temporary van insurance?

To get a quote for van insurance to cover you for a temporary period, you’ll need to have ready:

1. Your personal details – name, address, DOB, occupation and an email address
2. The van’s details – the registration plate of the van you want to drive
3. The cover period you require – usually anywhere from 1 day to 28 days
4. Details of any extras you might want to include – e.g. breakdown cover
5. You may also need your driving license number or a passport number if the driver does not have a UK license.

Currently, you cannot compare short term van insurance with The Van Insurer.