Who Are We

The Van Insurer is one of the leading van insurance comparison sites in the UK and one of few that is dedicated solely to vans.

The company began after success in the motorbike insurance comparison game with The Bike Insurer.

Because of our success with two wheels we asked ourselves if we could branch out and dominate other markets as we had done for motorbikes.

Unequivocally the answer was yes we could, so The Van Insurer was born and since then we’ve pushed our way to the front of the van insurance market.

Our aim is to provide van drivers with the cheapest insurance quotes in the UK and we compare quotes from 48 insurance brokers.

We also want to do it quickly and with minimal fuss and that is why we’ve built the most comprehensive and straightforward insurance comparison platform in the UK – and why van drivers keep coming back to us.

The Van Insurer is administered and managed by Vast Visibility LTD and Software Development Partnership (SDP), and it’s their teams that make The Van Insurer what it is.

Here are just some of the team from Vast who manage The Van Insurer.

The Van Insurer is administered by Vast Visibility Ltd a company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 5866769. Registered office: 8 Princes Parade, Princes Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 1DL.

Meet the team

Geoffrey Bibby - Managing Director

Geoffrey (don’t call him Geoff) is Managing Director at Vast and one of the senior figures in the team behind The Van Insurer. He’s got a background as an accountant and derives an unusual amount of pleasure from spreadsheets. While that’s not many peoples’ cup of tea or idea of an exciting weekend, Geoffrey’s attention […]

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Phil Wilding - Technical Director

Phil is responsible for most of the tech that goes on behind the scenes on The Van Insurer and one of the driving forces behind our market-leading product. He owns a van himself and knows the stress that can be involved in finding the cheapest insurance online – that’s why he decided to launch The […]

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Lester Short - Commercial Director

Lester is all about keeping things simple and he’s just one of the reasons why The Van Insurer quote process is so straightforward. Lester also deals with insurance brokers on behalf of The Van Insurer and is often seen journeying up and down the country in pursuit of the best deals from the leading van […]

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Joanne Rive

Joanne Rive - Operations Director

As Operations Director at Vast, Jo brings an incredible attention to detail to The Van Insurer. It’s Jo and her team of project managers that oversee the smooth running of the site and that any new launches or updates go off without a hitch. Jo and her team’s job is a difficult one as they […]

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Ben Hawksworth

Ben Hawksworth - Marketing Director

Ben is the Marketing Director at Vast Visibility and the man charged with promoting our products and brands online. That means Ben and his team spend their time pushing The Van Insurer to the top of search engine rankings and also help us pop-up on your social media and general internet browsing. Without Ben and […]

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Maria Apostolache

Maria-Madalina Apostolache - Development Director

Maria, better known as Coco, is the latest member of the Vast Visibility board but she’s been around for a long time, helping Vast manage The Van Insurer. Maria helped build all the tech behind The Van Insurer’s products and services so she’s a major reason for our success. She’s also the chief behind the […]

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Mia - Sub-senior Northwestern Europe Regional Development Deputy Director

Never teach an old dog new tricks – a saying that becomes completely obsolete and redundant when you meet Mia, the real brains behind the operation. Despite lacking thumbs, Mia can turn her paw to anything and she was one of the driving forces behind the move into van insurance comparison. A freethinking and dedicated […]

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The Rest of the Motley crew, Making your insurance dreams come true

Without a comprehensive and talented team behind The Van Insurer, we wouldn’t be able to provide the cheapest and best insurance quotes across our different products.

And through Vast Visibility and SDP we have two impressive groups that help us administer all of our sites.

From developers and testers to creatives and designers, broker relationship teams to sales and marketing staff, Vast and SDP provide The Van Insurer with a comprehensive set of skilled workers.

And without each cog in the machine, we wouldn’t be able to provide some of the best insurance comparison products in the UK.

The Team