VW Camper Van Slippers

Monday, November 23 2009

The mention of VW Camper Vans can conjure up images of an era when people would load into their VW vans and head to the seaside to hit the surf. The style and the features of the VW camper vans are of a classic style that has been imitated by some. There are still some diehard fans of the VW camper van that are restoring their camper vans to recapture the look and feel of a by-gone era.

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The popularity of the VW camper van has even prompted it to appear on different products such as t-shirts, pencil boxes, and backpacks. The latest product that is a spin-off the VW camper van is a product by Animal, VW Camper Van Slippers. These slippers come in the shape of VW camper vans with that unique VW camper van shape. These slippers are easily seen from a distance due to the defining two-tone colour and classic VW windows. Even though the slippers definitely have the classic VW camper van shape, the slippers are Animal branded all the way.

Animal has produced these slippers for a couple of important reasons. The main one being the surfing connection, since Animal is has close ties with extreme sports, especially surfing. The other reason is that the VW brand stands for a quality standard that Animal aspires to achieve. This brand connection is the first time with Animal coming out with a line of Animal t-shirts with a VW camper van woven into the design.