Types of Van

Camper Van

A classic camper van is not only a great van, it’s a conversation piece! For some reason there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to take a small ‘home’ with you, wherever you go. Needless to say, a camper van fan minus their campervan would probably feel as lost as a turtle without his shell… That’s why camper van owners should always ensure that their vehicle is covered by a suitable insurance policy.

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Courier Van

As a courier, you’re not only concerned for the safety of your own possessions, but also those belonging to others which are put into your expert care. You and your van share this great responsibility for the belongings of others and their safe transportation and delivery; so you’ll need the best insurance cover you can get.

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Delivery Van

Delivery van drivers ensure that their customers get what they need, exactly when they need it. So it’s time those drivers got something done for them- The Van Insurer compares commercial van insurance quotes quickly and simply to find great deals on delivery van insurance- how’s that for giving something back? All you need do is fill out the simple online forms and The Van Insurer will do the rest, comparing insurance quotes from a whole range of insurance providers to find the very best policies and prices out there.

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Ice Cream Van

There are many things to consider when finding insurance cover for your Ice Cream Van, you’ll need to decide on the type and length of your policy and incorporate any specific needs your business may have. Here at The Van Insurer, we know that insurance will certainly not be the only legal requirement on your mind when it comes to organising your business. With food hygiene laws and inspections, and the upkeep of your specialised van, the last thing you need is trouble finding a good deal on your van insurance.

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Long Wheel Base

Insurance policies on larger vehicles can be hard to come by at seemingly reasonable prices, so when it comes to long wheel base van insurance it’s a good idea to compare policies in order to find yourself the best price. That’s exactly where The Van Insurer can help. The Van Insurer can compare quotes from a vast range of insurance providers in order to find long wheel base van drivers a good deal on their commercial van insurance.

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Luton Box Van

The Luton Van is so named after the town where the concept of this van was first implemented. The idea came as a way of facilitating the transport of multiple hat boxes in the early 20th century. Hat boxes, whilst light, were bulky- therefore, the Luton Box van design incorporates extra cargo space in an extended box over the cab area.

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Medium Wheel Base

Having insurance for your MWB van is a legal requirement; but that doesn’t mean you should be paying unreasonable amounts for your insurance policy. To ensure you get the best deal available on your insurance, it’s a great idea to compare quotes with The Van Insurer. Comparing prices and policies from a whole range of providers, The Van Insurer is guaranteed to find you the best deal possible.

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Insurance for minibuses can be a hassle to sort out as there are often multiple drivers, making the vehicle a higher risk and therefore bumping up insurance costs. For whatever use you put your minibus to, from school bus to community help or just as a large family carrier, you’ll definitely be carrying passengers. With the safety of others in your hands you’ll want be sure you, your passengers and minibus are covered by the right insurance policy.

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Smaller vans mean smaller costs and when it comes to insurance that should also be the case. Minivans are easier to handle out on the roads and therefore are less likely to be involved in traffic incidents. The Van Insurer can compare quotes from a whole range of insurance providers to help small van owners find themselves a great deal on their minivan insurance.

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Modified Van

There are many modifications which can make a van give slightly better performance, or even just improve its looks. What you must remember as a van owner is that any modifications must be declared to your insurance provider as they could affect your insurance policy cover specifications and/ or the price of your insurance quote. However, most simple, low-key modifications shouldn’t radically bump up the cost of your insurance cover. By comparing insurance quotes with The Van Insurer, you can find the best deals available on modified van insurance.

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Multi Van Insurance

Finding a great deal on your Multi Van insurance shouldn’t be a drag, in fact with The Van Insurer it’s far from it. The Van Insurer compares insurance quotes from a vast range of insurance providers quickly and simply, helping you to find a multi van policy to suit your needs and budgets.

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Pickup Truck

As the more stylish and desirable cousin of the standard van, the pick-up truck has seen growing demand as a lifestyle or private vehicle as well as for use as a load carrying workhorse. Whether you require private or commercial insurance, The Van Insurer can compare insurance quotes from a number of different insurance providers in order to find you the best deals out there.

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Refrigerated Van

If excellence is what you strive for in your line of work, then you’ll want nothing less than the best when it comes to insurance for your refrigerated vehicle. When your vehicle is an integral part of your livelihood and works as hard as you do, then more than just third-party insurance cover is required- that’s where The Van Insurer can help.

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Short Wheel Base

The sturdy, reliable nature of this type of vehicle is often what makes a short wheel base van the first choice in the transportation of small but heavy items. So if you own a vehicle that works this hard, you’ll want to ensure it’s protected by a suitable insurance policy- and you’ll not want to be ripped off in the process! That’s where The Van Insurer can help, by comparing quotes from a multitude of insurance providers, The Van Insurer can find you the best deals available on your SWB van insurance.

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Tipper Van

Not only will it carry heavy loads, it will also tip them out at your convenience: a tipper van is surely a workman’s best friend. But getting insurance on your tipper van can be a hassle, as some companies steer clear of insuring vehicles with such associated risks- the costliness of the tipper mechanism alone is enough to send some insurers running. That’s where The Van Insurer can help out.

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