Short Term Van Insurance

Short Term Van Insurance

There are many reasons why you might need short term van insurance, from moving house to taking a holiday, or even just taking on a job which requires you to drive a commercial van for a limited period. You don’t want to take out a full-term van insurance policy when you only need insurance cover for a matter of days or weeks- that’s where a short term van insurance policy comes in handy.

Whatever your insurance requirements, you can be sure that The Van Insurer will find a van insurance policy to suit you; and a short term van insurance policy is no exception. Although taking out a full 12 month policy and simply cancelling when you no longer need it may seem like just as easy an option, you should be aware that doing so could cost you. Many insurers impose a penalty cancellation fee, with some taking as much as 50% of your premium in charges if you cancel after a certain time period.

It’s vital that you have suitable insurance cover when driving a van, even if you’ll only be driving it for a few days- or even just one journey. Perhaps the van you will be driving is hired or borrowed, yet another reason to ensure your insurance is up to scratch. So it really is a great idea to purchase cover for a short term period, so that you aren’t paying any more than you need to. After all, van insurance is a must, but high prices are not.

Perhaps the only downside to short term van insurance is that short term policies do not count towards building up your no claims discount. Van drivers who regularly insure with a short term policy will see the effects of this as premiums will remain higher. However, if you are only purchasing this type of policy for one off occasions, then this will barely affect you and will remain the cheaper, more convenient option. It’s a case of weighing up the costs of your own individual situation in order to see which option will best suit you practically and financially.

There are certain conditions stated when taking out a short term van insurance policy and as a driver you should be fully aware of them. So be sure to check out all terms and conditions when purchasing insurance as you don’t want to be hit with a fine or, in a worst case scenario, with criminal charges. Some policies impose mileage limits which, if exceeded, invalidate your van insurance policy. Then of course there’s the time limit, something which can easily be mis-remembered, but driving even one day past the expiry date means that you are uninsured and therefore driving illegally.

So, if short term van insurance is what you require, get yourself a short term van insurance quote by filling in the simple online quote form on our partner’s site today.