New van sales still falling

Tuesday, November 6 2012

The new van market isn’t doing too well these days, with the majority of manufacturers losing out on sales and year to date figures, which are down by 8.1%.

October sales fell from 19,370 to 17,794, which in turn caused the year to date figures to decrease by 8.1%; from 219,054 units to just 204,861. While Ford still heads up the new van market, managing to buck the trend and increase their monthly sales by 6.12%, its year to date numbers were down by 9.43% to 54,753 units. Volkswagen comes in just behind Ford, with a sales decrease of 5.18% and behind them is Vauxhall, with a drop of 14%. Off all the manufacturers, it’s the relatively new Great Wall which actually managed a fair result, selling 60 units in the month from just 5 a year ago; that gave them a yearly figure of 398 units.