modified van insurance

Modified Van Insurance

There are many modifications which can make a van give slightly better performance, or even just improve its looks. What you must remember as a van owner is that any modifications must be declared to your insurance provider as they could affect your insurance policy cover specifications and/ or the price of your insurance quote. However, most simple, low-key modifications shouldn’t radically bump up the cost of your insurance cover. Just call us on 0844 409 7455 for a great deal on your on modified van insurance.

Whether its private or commercial, long or short-term cover that you require – we will find a policy which suits you perfectly, and doesn’t have an unreasonable price tag! We know that you’ve spent time, money and effort on your van modifications; so we’ll ensure you get value for money when it comes to modified van insurance – our philosophy’s as simple as that! So why not call us on 0844 409 7455 for a quote today.