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LDV Van Insurance

LDV vans provide the utmost in reliability and durability, with every vehicle.

Boasting an extensive range of vans, LDV was the ‘Best of British’ when it came to commercial vehicles back in 1993. Over the years, LDV have held the prestigious role of producing vehicles for the Emergency Services. Whatever type of LDV van you drive be it a typical panel van like the LDV Convoy or Pilot, or a model from the entire range replacement, the newly branded Maxus (available in a range of wheel-bases and body styles) – you’ll want to make sure that your commercial van insurance is as good as it can possibly be, to protect both you and your van.

It’s estimated that the best part of 50,000 light commercial vehicles are stolen each year in the UK, so don’t take any chances with your livelihood – make sure your LDV van carries adequate van insurance. You ‘re required by law tp have at least third party van insurance coverage for your LDV, but if you want to protect your van, its load, driver and any passengers, you’ll need more, a third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive policy. That’s where The Van Insurer can help.

By comparing quotes from a whole range of insurance providers, The Van Insurer can find a policy to suit your needs and the best deal available on your LDV van insurance. With The Van Insurer, you can also search for short-term insurance policies and other specialised policies such as limited mileage van insurance. By choosing an appropriate type of van insurance cover and cutting out any non-essential extras, you can ensure you aren’t paying for insurance cover you don’t need.

You’ll find great deals and cheap van insurance, whatever model of LDV you own when you compare quotes with The Van Insurer:


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