French breathalyser laws put on hold!

Thursday, February 21 2013

Another day, another story from France! If you’ve been travelling through the country lately, you’ll be aware of the law which stated that all vans, motorbikes and cars must carry a working breathalyser with them at all times. Anybody caught without one would be fined eleven euros.

Well now it seems the government has had a change of heart, and has released a report stating that, while the breathalysers should still be mandatory, you shouldn’t be fined if you’re found to be without one. Essentially then, while the law still wants you to have them, you won’t be punished if you don’t. I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty contradictory stuff!

It seems that this change has already had a fairly big effect, because the makers of the breathalysers have greatly reduced their staff numbers in response. So, what do you think? Do you think the law made sense, or are you glad to see the changes? Why not leave us a comment!